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Reopening in November... TBA

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Will reopen TBA.

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Fabric ordered-Drafting Pattern
Cutting and Sewing body
Drafting mane and tail; sewing
Finishing touches
:star:Photos to be done and Ready to ship!
:email: Shipped!
:bulletred: Partial Payment
:bulletblue: Trade
:bulletblack: Deadline

For a little more information, go here:



:bulletwhite::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: *Flim, Flam, Fancy Pants, Lunar Guard, Celestial Guard*
Custom Canon Plush :star::star::star::star:

:bulletblue: OC Airsong Pony Plush :star:

:bulletblue: OC Kiko Plush :star:

:bulletred: Stallion OC Doctor Whooves :star:

:bulletwhite: OC Stallion :star:

:bulletwhite: OC Stallion Jaeger :star:

:bulletblue: 2' Shiny Goodra

:bulletred: OC Mare Project Purity

:bulletwhite: Bunny OC Plush


:bulletred: 2 Pony Beanies

:bulletwhite: Private Commission

:bulletwhite: Pony Beanie

:bulletred: Pony Plush; Mare

:bulletwhite: *Mare* OC Mare Plush

:bulletblue: OC Manic Plush


Personal Projects
:bulletwhite: Substitute Pokedoll
:bulletwhite: Blissey Pokedoll



Have you started on my commission yet?
Check my to-do list under my art info. Information is USUALLY up to date, unless stated. :)

Can I have WIPs?
Check out my tumblr: for any WIPs, I try to upload them when I have completed a bit of the plush. :)

Why haven't you answered my note yet?
As of current I'm a bit sick, so I apologize for such a slow response. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can! (Don't worry, I'm not contagious! xD)

How can I help you be less stressed???
Don't worry about me. :) I'm working at a pretty steady pace, and I always continue to work even on days where I'm the most quiet. I'm not such much stressed as I am just busy focusing on work. ^u ^

Some days are rougher then others, but who doesn't have those days! :D

:heart: Just remember that I love you all. :heart:


Just have some questions regarding taxes and filing.

As of June of this year, I became independent from my household (rather unexpectedly), and moved from Florida to South Carolina. 

I'm now assuming that I need to do my own taxes as well. I will add a bit of information that may or may not have in impact on taxes.

This is my first year filing as an independent. Every year before this, I was declared a dependent under my father who just marked my profit as an extra source of income. We did have someone who did our taxes and said that my profit can be waived as such. I understand that this time around, I need to be a little more... specific.

Commissions are my ONLY source of income, I do not have a "real" daytime job or any other source of income. I literally only do commissions. :) I also have never had a job that collects taxes. I was always paid "under the table" so I'm a a fresh face to filing.

I haven't calculated anything, but I believe that I have not made more than 10,000$USD in INCOME.  (I believe I'm around or under $5000 profit.)

I do not own or rent a house/apartment. We live with my finace's parents. I do pay for bills (that kind of acts as rent), but it is only a phone bill that is under my fiance's father name, which gets put under my credit card. I also do not own a car. (I own no property that needs to be registered.)

I DO NOT have a business license of any sort. (As of current) 

I do have receipts saved (ranging from materials, supplies and furniture that I've bought for working on commissions/sewing), and I can pull up invoices  of EVERY transaction made for commissions this year. (whether refunded, partially paid, cancelled, fully paid, ect.) 

I do NOT have a dedicated "business" banking account, everything is either on my personal banking account or stays on my PayPal account. I also do not "pay" myself. All income either gets limbo'd back into buying supplies, or just used to pay bills/necessities/luxuries, or just saved.

I only did transactions via PayPal.

I'm not sure if I'm a special case or anything, but any help would be appreciated. I would prefer to do my own taxes than run and dump them on an accountant of any sort (since sometimes their fees can be a bit hefty...). I know there are plenty of plushie makers and artists that are on the same boat as me, so feel free to throw me a life line! :D

I ask of one thing, DO NOT tell me to just go under the radar and not file; not only is that illegal, but if you're doing it, you should really consider fixing yourself before you get in trouble. :( I don't want to scare anyone, but it's something you really do want to consider in case you run into problems in the future. If I didn't have to file, I wouldn't be asking.

If I'm missing any type of information that would otherwise be helpful, I don't mind adding it in unless it is a bit too personal or compromises my identity. :) (E.G bank account numbers, SS#, ect. hah.)

My biggest questions are:
What form(s) will I need to fill out?

Can I do this without an accountant? (I don't mind help from accountants, but I'd prefer to do it myself)

What can you tell me about Quarterly Taxes? (I found a few things about it... and I found that I don't need to do quarterly, but I just need to make sure)

Overall I'm not sure what else I should be asking. I'll add in more info and questions, or may ask more specific questions as needed.

If you have any helpful information, even if it doesn't pertain to the questions above, please let me know. :) I've seen a 1040 and know the basics of filling one out (even though I've never filed one).

ANY help would be appreciated, I would prefer the help from someone who files as an artist, or sounds similar to my situation! :D If you have any helpful links or articles, that would work as well. :) 

Thank you!


♪ | Old※ | ♀ | Engaged♥ | Jan. 14 | Chibi Artist | Plushie Maker | ♫

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Hello! I'm AppleDew, formally known as MoonLightTiger. My real name is Maria.
I love cute things: animals, clothes accessories! I also love hanging out with my soon-to-be husband, 8bitDerp. I sew, draw and paint, sometimes. My favorite color is pale rose and I love all sorts of girly things! I'm into vintage things, like tea cups, cameras, and clothing!

I'm generally shy, but I'm willing to get to know people if they try and make the effort to get to know me. I try my best to respond to people and comments, but sometimes I just don't know what to say... (∩//~\\\`*);

I'm always trying to become a better artist and plushie maker by experimenting and practicing, as well as studying. My main goal, however is to become an RN (registered nurse) to help people in need and give back to the world.

i collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAIVintage Stamp by Kezzi-RoseStay Creative by Jedi-DameCherish, Dream, Live Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJBunting Stamp by Kezzi-RoseStamp: The Future Belongs to by SouthrobinI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowStamp: Kindness by delusional-dreamsI love Sparkle and Glitter by Snow-BodyStamp: Goodness by delusional-dreamsShy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ


Get to know me first.


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Every time my point goal gets met, I will release free lineart! (v u v )/

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Thanking me for faves/watches?

They're always welcome!
Spread the :dalove:


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